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The "tamburica“ is a Croatian folk instrument, similar to the balalaika and the mandolin. "Tamburica“ is the collective term for different string instruments, which are played in a similar way to those of a string orchestra.

This Croatian folk music group has now existed for over 55 years. The Tamburica Cindrof was founded in 1963. Matthias Schlögl was the first musical director of the group. His successor was Franz Handl, who, in turn, was followed by Ernst Gollubits in 1972. The current director is Roland Petschenig, who has been extremely committed in his leadership of the group since he took over in 1996.

Over the years, the Tamburica has successfully represented Burgenland and Austria both at home and abroad. Thanks to its informal, but spirited manner, the group has always been enthusiastically welcomed on its many tours and guest performances.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, since the late 1970s, the group has been closely connected with Toni Stricker and André Heller. Both of these well-known musicians have included tamburica music in their recordings, thus showing that this instrument need not only be used for playing folk music. The results of working together with these two gentlemen were the LP, "The most beautiful songs of the Pannonian homeland", which was produced by André Heller and the participation of the group in many of Toni Stricker’s works.

One of the most successful recordings has to be the CD "Naše selo – Our village", which was recorded in 1996 and was the final highlight of Ernst Gollubits‘ 23 years work as musical director of the group. The latest CD of the group was produced in 2003 and combines with the title "Generations" traditional Croatien folk songs with modern hits as well as original recordings of the LP "The most beautiful songs of the Pannonian homeland".

The group has always been extremely proud of its soloists. In addition to the established soloists Susi Klemenschitz, Verena Zeichmann and Walter Winter, the group is always delighted to discover new, young, talented singers. To date, both the instrument and the group have helped over 100 inhabitants of Siegendorf to develop an interest in music and in Croatian folk songs.

The Tamburica Cindrof has always been and continues to be a worthy and successful representative of the local community, of Burgenland and of the whole of Austria at numerous events both at home and abroad.

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