Tamburica Cindrof

About Siegendorf

Siegendorf (Croatian: Cindrof, Hungarian: Cinfalva) lies with its about 3.000 inhabitants in the most eastern province of Austria, the Burgenland, near the Hungarian border. A larger part of the rural population are members of the ethnic group of Burgenland Croatians.

Within the municipal territory of Siegendorf there live both members of the German-speaking and Burgenland Croatian ethnic group. According to the census in 2001, 49 % of the population avow themselves to the German-speaking and 38 % to the Burgenland Croatian ethnic group.

The "Tamburica"

Beside numerous other clubs the "Tamburica Cindrof" promotes the culture of the Croatian "Tamburica" in Siegendorf.

The Tamburica is a Croatian folk instrument, similar to the Russian balalaika and the Italian mandolin. "Tamburica" is the collective term for different stringed instruments, which can be compared to a string orchestra. You will find further information about the instruments under "Instruments".

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